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hi babe babe!!! i haven't started looking around in your blog yet..... its been around for some time huh, why no tell me!!! anyways you look cute on the profile pic, as usual. i miss you loads! and dionna! and ja! and the whole lot of you. ah well..... stay crazy and see ya soon..... come to nu yawk!

radii supra shoes

I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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  • I fully understand the dangers of posting music without anyone's express permission, but please allow me to do it because sometimes I just have nothing better to say. And also, I want people to share in my aural pleasure. If ye be the author of said music, email me if you want it taken down. And marry me if you are Nick Cave! If you are a corporate-type, please don't sue me...

  • I will remove music periodically from old posts because it takes up precious space. If you really really want it, you can email me with kind words.