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i don't see how being less than a cup c is a good thing. haha. don't wear baggy t shirts. it does your body no justice! can't wait to see you! (and your friends)


yes, small boobies are very underrated.


hmmm but i still like girls with nice, round and firm boobs. but that's just me


i read the nipple post. try that on me when you get back.


Haha, sex on legs has become lard on legs...




xoxo (secret!)


hey, remember to post up video of u singing "i cant make u love me" in FULL not like the previous brief one. damn potong stim man! i enjoyed hearing it, u can really sing girl !!! but as i was bout to get all hype up...suddenly *dang* it stopped.THE END! sheesh...really potong stim laarrr.n also larut malam too....okokokokok???


People still visit my blog?? It's been lying dormant for more than a year! To the last person who commented, sorry dude, don't have any more personal videos of that night. I think there's an Mnite dvd out which has both songs in their entirety, if you can be arsed :P


I want to visit you call my on my phone my number is 614 781 3323 I have a tee shirt collection i want you to buy they are vintage but i made them in high school one has a grass stain and a semen penis imprint but i think you will like the design (and lick the staing ahahahah) The design has grape laying in a baked potatoe. It makes me want to cry because im sooo natural. If you are interested call the number and say 45smash. if you say otherwise i will call that number everyday for the rest of your life say ing one fact about what the government might be up to in a high pitched voice. By the way i think green tea is a good drink but only when you buy the jug from the supermarket (it dosnt have a strong after taste) Buy\\

P.s i love reading post some literaaturreee!>


I want to right a book abuiot you you dizzamn bitch check my booty i just shook it hoe. get at me cus i need your yellow skin bitch!@@2


very interesting, but I don't agree with you


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you do not need to look like paris hilton. you are cute anywayz.

"The Asian Health and Medicine Forum -"

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yep she is really cute.


You can be lucky!!!


Make Your guinea pig happy! Jusj read this manual!


I love hot asian chicks. sweet.

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