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wow. hairy must be helluva shrink.


>Everyone< has to be known for more than a week. Surely! =)


I like your site. You have a hardcore attitude and I'm all for that.


nevermind how i got here, but i'd just like to say that i enjoyed reading this entry and your apparent resolution of your time in paris.

i haven't been out of the u.s. much, and thought that Paris might be worth a visit, but i'm afraid that your story has deterred me.

..weither that is a good thing or not i've no idea.

so, yes.
i thank you for your unabashed outpouring of emotion. cleaning of our life's gutters is most necessary. and for your blatant truth-speaking of the french capital, i applaud you.

have a wonderful life,
- Henry


Hi, came by from RBJ where this entry was quoted... Hahhahaha, I think that's the best excuse for not blogging that I've ever heard! right on!


HAha. GREAT post! A first-timer here ;) Awesome site! xoxo!


helo.. dawn yeo is so passe. now is kung pau kitty you dunno meh. haha! GET YOUR VVVVIIIIISSSSSSSAAAAAAAAA i wont be around here forever!!

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