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That's really seriously COOL


i took a pic of that looonnnggg ago you can have the picture if you want


This IS CRAZY 'cause..

1) I love robots
2) I love dinosaurs

And only now they come up with this??!! (the concept was probably used before - but maybe I jst wasn't paying attention).


ohmygoodness this is like the coolest thing ive seen in ages it just made my day!! or week! (i cant decide i just discovered ourtunes and am stealing songs like mad from steph at the speed of light ok maybe sound and that was supposed to be my discovery of my month!)

check this out

anyway i got the most brilliant idea! i could get the trex and you could get the cool dog (or vice versa since you discovered the rez first although i want it too!!) and dionna could get the farting kungfu fighting robot, and we could pit them against one another and have a robot wwf!! isnt that the funnest thing youve heard it's so much cooler than stupid car racing things that guys do!


Slow woman, it's been out for more than half a year...and available in Sainsburys

me, the blogwriter

Can you get it for me then??


Ain't got no money mate...


hahahaha hey guess what? someone has that in my office, it's seriously cool. And yes I checked it's not pirated, not robo dilno or cyber raper or something like that. As for the slugfest idea, someone also has the robo dude, so we kinda did that. It was quite funny, like a mini, robot version of the king kong vs t-rex scene. Except more retarded looking. Anyways put up more music! Thanks dudette!


I want I want I want.

ki jin

zomg now THAT is teh pwn!

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